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KnowledgeSmart provides a way of objectively evaluating the skills of current and potential staff members. It indicates the level of office competence and where training is required. This is what the industry has been waiting for.

Dylan Murdey-Green, CAD Manager, Levitt-Bernstein

"KnowledgeSmart provides a quick and easy way to measure the CAD skills of our staff and new recruits, helping us to maintain high standards."

Miles Walker, Vice President & Firmwide CAD Manager, HOK

"KnowledgeSmart has proved to be valuable in increasing understanding of our large diverse user-base. It allows us to develop targeted training programmes, making efficient use of resources, and forms part of our recruitment process, helping to provide a more objective view of potential employees"

David Hoole, UK CAD Improvement Manager, WSP

As well as providing an excellent tool to evaluate CAD skills of existing staff and potential recruits, KnowledgeSmart provides extremely useful KPI of CAD skills on a regional basis, essential in building confidence in the work packaging process.

Ray Purvis, CAD Manager, Atkins

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